I am running for a 2-year seat on the Triton College Board of Trustees to be a voice for the underrepresented student population. Sixty percent of Triton’s students are of color, yet there is little representation on the Board of Trustees. Our leaders should be reflective of who they represent. Triton’s current board is overwhelmingly white and from wealthy areas of the Triton district.  


Decisions are made based on money and influence rather than student needs. A complete lack of transparency and community inclusion in critical decisions means no one is challenging how money is being spent and if resources are truly going where they’re most needed. The Triton Board needs a spotlight shown on how decisions are being made and who is benefitting. I intend to be that light. I’ll ask critical questions, challenge the status quo, and fight for participatory decision making with all stakeholders having a voice.

​If elected, as a board of trustee I plan to: 

  • Evaluate Triton College’s finances and refocus the board’s fiscal priorities around student needs. 

  • Work to make college affordable by keeping tuition rates low and chart a long-term strategy for free community college, thereby improving access to education for all students in the district. 

  • Work to improve transit options to and from Triton College.

  • Expand wrap-around student support, such as counseling, orientation and onboarding programs for new students - especially first generation college students.

  • Urge the college to create inclusive and equitable hiring practices 

  • Address the administrative bloat in positions and salaries and divert those funds to areas that will achieve student success. 

  • Urge the board to create a sanctuary campus policy for our immigrant students.